We'll equip students with the tools, knowledge and connections they need

As a part of our American Federation of Teachers (AFT) back-to-school grant initiative, Red River United is working to share information and resources related to school-to-work programs. By doing so, we aim to equip students with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed career choices. To connect students with these opportunities, we're collaborating with a designated liaison at each local high school. These liaisons will allow to us to foster meaningful partnerships between local trade communities and students.

Our community connections

Our initiative will benefit greatly from the expertise and insight of professionals across local community organizations. We're connected with...

  • Central Trades & Labor Council
  • Louisiana Workforce Commission
  • Louisiana Board of Regents
  • School board leaders
  • School administrators

If you have any questions about our grant initiative, speak with us at 318-424-4579 today.